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Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Europe SA (HAPE), the industrial division for air conditioning products in Europe, is dedicated to the manufacture of environmentally-friendly products of the highest quality. Proof of this is the certification of the company according to ISO 9002 and ISO 14001.

Hitachi has a long and rich tradition of innovative and technologically advanced products.

The advanced technological Hitachi devices are used wherever there is a need for products with superior performance, reasonable price and high reliability.

Hitachi production program includes:

Developed a new type of heat exchanger with high efficiency and better connect with the pipeline.

  • Control the process.
  • Service Controller ( Accessories )
  • Service controller controls the conditions of installation and operation of the system by computer.
  • recognition system for embedded foreign units
  • Using the remote control - switch may recognize the series that belong to external units that work as simple or multi-split system.
  • System for automatic encoding
  • Provides ability for encoding each indoor unit individually.
  • Units can be coded manually by rotating micro switches.
  • Conduit seals the refrigerant
  • The external unit’s pipe joints can easily be divided into three directions, forward, backward and down.
  • Condensate pump for all cluster and channel models (units 0, 8 and 1, 5 HP) allows drainage of condensation on the upper air units, which reduces the required amount of the lowered ceiling.