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Clean air since 1963

Euroclima is a company with extensive international operations, whose manufacturing facilities are in ­Bruneck, Italy and Sillian, Austria. Close to 200 employees are at present employed. Euroclima has a well distributed network of sales and service all over Europe, Asia, Middle East and northern Africa. Our partners in various countries assume responsibility for marketing and local servicing and assistance.

Technology "airyears" ahead

Euroclima is a marketoriented manufacturing company providing top ­quality technology in the air-handling sector. Functionality of design and technically sophisticated solutions are the guarantee of trouble-free operation. Continuous product and process development and the spirit of innovation form integral parts of our policy, and special requests from customers, featuring technical highlights are espacially welcome.

Range of products:

Medical air handling systems, air handling units with adiabatic cooling, air handling units for food industry, air handling units with 90% efficiency, packaged energy saving systems, de-humidification  energy saving air handling units, air handling units for pool applications, customized air handling units, air handling control system.
Quality of air handling units only with a capital Q

Quality is an absolute priority at Euroclima as demonstrated by our choice of first-rate suppliers, modern production methods and strict testing and inspection criteria.In-depth discussions resulting in a thorough ­understanding our customers‘ needs ­clarity of ­documentation and effective after-sales ­service all contribute to the excellence of our quality.Euroclima‘s objective is leadership in the field of ­air-handling-unit production. Our aim is to find an ­appropriate solution to the specific needs of each and every customer in the shortest possible time. Highly qualified, conscientious staff, innovative spirit and quality in production make the improbable possible.



“ETA PAC” Air handling units with adiabatic cooling                  “ETA POOL” Air handling units for pool applications                                       “ETA ROT” Air handling units for high temperatures  industry      

“ZHK 2000 FI” air handling units for food


Euroclima Portrait

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