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Chiller Samurai - Hitachi

Chillers and heat pumps (HITACHI)

Samurai represents a major advance in the technology of production of chillers and heat pumps. The devices of this series have incorporated the latest Hitachi scroll compressors and are factory filled with refrigerant R407C. Continuous capacity control is performed by microcomputer. During the manufacturing process of the Samurai chillers, both ‘work in progress’ and finished products are submitted to various inspections to ensure they comply with all required specifications.

The checks can be divided into two categories:
ƒ Electrical and operational tests
ƒ Pressure and leakage tests
These tests are made on all of the assembled components at different stages during the production process and again on completion of the finished product.

Currently the series has 17 models of chillers with capacity of 40HP- 450 HP and 6 models of heat pumps with capacity of 40-120 HP.

The devices from the Samurai system are using diagnostic device using the indicator on the screen made of liquid crystal.
The whole series is produced and tested at the factory in Barcelona which is a high- tech equipped production with regular inspection and testing of the chiller performance.

The key factor to their success is the use of Hitachi’s own world-renowned twin screw compressor working in tandem with plate heat exchangers for both the condenser and evaporator circuits, providing world-class reliability.

HITACHI offers the following types of SAMURAI chillers:
•    Water-Cooled Type
•    Air-Cooled Type capacitor.


Чилери со воздушноладен и воденоладен кондензатор


             Air cooled chillers


·      RCU2E40 ~400AG2(Номинален капацитет на ладење од 112 ~ 1030 kW)


        Air - cooled chiller / heat pump


·      RHUE 40~240AG2(Номинален капацитет на ладење од 106~ 585 kW)

    (Номинален капацитет на греење од 110 ~ 556 kW)


        Water cooled chillers


·      RCUE 40~240WG2(Номинален капацитет на ладење од 134~ 696 kW)

    (Номинален капацитет на греење од 161~ 824 kW)


      Water cooled chiller / condenser performance without


·      RCUE 40~120 CLG(Номинален капацитет на ладење од 120~ 360 kW)