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TEHNOKLIMA Skopje, exists since the year 2000 as one of the first companies whichseriously & ambitious was striving to conquer the market with goods & services in the field of central air conditioning and ventilation.

The beginnings were modest and reliable, and it’s not a coincidence that we were spotted from satisfied customers which were using our goods and services, while launching the way of quality, timely service performances and rapid maintenance interventions if needed.

 Continuously and systematically we monitor the development achieved in the field of modern air conditioning and ventilation, while presenting and applying the trends of european and world wide companies which are conquering the markets daily.
With the implementation of their products in facilities that are designed and conducted, Tehnoklima ca successfully meet the complex requirements of the investors.

 Tehnoklima has achieved rapid growth by applying the latest technologies from the following manufacturers:

HITACHI, Japan - VRF Systems (variable refrigerant flow) with the following features:
•    continuous regulation of the number of spins depending on the thermal load space
•    a system of automatic fault diagnosis and monitoring of the work of the outdoor unit
•    possibility to change the nominal capacity of the internal units
•    a system of full control by means of a computer system that works in Microsoft Windows operating system

SOLER & PALAU, Spain - Corporation of 7 factories throughout europe for the manufacture of equipment for ventilation (England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Portugal.

EUROCLIMA, Austria & Italy - Air handling units;

BINICLIMA, Italy- Fan coils;

AEROGRAMMI, Greece - Elements for distribution of air;

GREE, Chine – Equipment for air conditioning;

OLEFINI, Greece - Air curtains;

Air Connection, DEC, Holland - Flexible ducts for distribution of air.

Existence of Tehnoklima today results in an increased number of company employees and as well multiple projects implementation of different nature such as restaurants, hotels, discos, cafes, industrial facilities and residential buildings which are of great importance to us.

We are well recognized by the use of recuperation in ventilation systems which constitute 85 % energy savings. We simply re-use the waste air by heating the input air in winter and summer mode.

Tehnoklima Skopje and highly qualified team of professionals, offers You various contemporary solutions that will satisfy Your needs. One of the biggest assets of the company are the sectors. Project engineering office supported by four experienced and skilful mechanical engineers. Then marketing and sales sector supported by two experienced and well proven commercialists, financial sector of the defensive way that leads the financial policy of the company.

The operational sector of Tehnoklima is followed by three teams responsible for servicing and maintenance who are tirelessly every day visiting the facilities; these teams are unique by their way of working. (Air conditioning, Ventilation & Heating). They break away the walls set as a challenge in a recognizable & professional way to carry out all installations.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has supplied Tehnoklima with a complete technology for recycling the refrigerant whereby already used refrigerant we take out of the unit and re-use for another unit, everything in order to protect the environment and the ozone layer. Being sustainable is as well one of our important values.

                         The environment that surrounds you, we make sure is clean & fresh!

Our team of professional continuously follows international fairs and seminars in the field of air-conditioning and ventilation which enables them to increase their expertise and knowledge of the future technologies.

Our values:

•    Performance
Our performance is a vital reflection of who we are and testimony to our ability to own the trust of our customers.

•     Innovation
Innovative Company, dedicated to applying innovative research and development of technologies that positively impact the environment and living comfort.

•    We invest in our employees
Our employees are our highest asset and priority.  We believe in building a culture of mutual respect and inspiration, where personal and professional development is encouraged. We attract the best professionals to create strong and diverse teams. We take risks by giving people stretch assignments to accelerate their development. We personally invest significant time to coach and recognize people

•    Customer care
Priority No. 1 is to provide optimum service to our customers. We strive to build strong and loyal client base that is growing daily. We anticipate and exceed customer expectations.

•    Business achievement
We maintain the balance between what is comfortable today and create a world in which we will live tomorrow.

•    Quality
Outstanding quality is our reference!
The creativity and the way that our history was shaped, will continue to shape our future!

                                                                                                You can count on us-the difference is in the quality!