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About our Company

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TEHNOKLIMA Skopje, exists since the year 2000 as one of the first companies whichseriously & ambitious was striving to conquer the market with goods & services....

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Summit (All DC inverter), with nominal cooling capacity from 2.0 kW to 8.0 kW for heating that use refrigerant R410A. The compressors of the external units are driven by an DC Inverter system.

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One of the latest additions to Hitachi’s Room Air Conditioning range is the Shirokuma range of units, which consists of elegant design on all indoor units.

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RAC S series has stainless interior structural parts, which cleans the air conditioners.


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TD-SILENT Series (180-1760 m3/h)
TD-SILENT The quietest fans in the world in their class.

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Range of axial extractors with airflow rates of 85-175 m3/h, for connection to 100,120,150 mm diameter circular ducting.

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HP- Series (2500-16000 m3/h)


Single Inlet Centrifugal Fans For Industrial And Commercial Kitchens, Steak Houses Etc.

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Wall mount weather grille equipped with wire mesh. For intake or exhaust air from/to exterior.

Technical characteristics



Door grille equipped with “” shaped blades for air transfer between rooms, without visual contact, with frame in both sides.

Technical characteristics



Gravity grille for wall installation with one row of bridged free moving blades for air exhaust after pressure. The blades are parallel to the first mentioned dimension.

Technical characteristics


Non-isulated flexible duct  

    A very flexible, fire-resistant and strong laminated duct for the use of air supply systems or air conditioning systems, with or without high temperature resistance demands

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Тechnical Characteristics                


Thermal insulated flexible duct

  The ISODEC® series consists of an aluminum  laminate inner duct, a polyester barrier to prevent the diffusion of glass wool particles, thermically insulated with a glass wool layer and provided with an outer jacket strengthened with glass fibre.

crev23 crev24

Тechnical Characteristics


ALU-TAPE is a strong aluminium foil-tape suitable for sealing in air conditioning systems and for insulation operations.

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The flexible DUCTCONNECT is used to prevent the transmission of vibration and associated noise along ductwork, or between equipment and ductwork.

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The CLOSING BAND/ENDLESS BAND are suitable for mounting all types of flexible connections.

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The ENDLESS BAND are suitable for mounting all types of flexible connections.

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ECOHAND Series(150 m³/h)

he fast, hygienic and energy efficient hand drying system. The Ecohand hand dryer uses a powerful,


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COMET-N Series

Wall-mounted hair dryers for domestic and public use (hotels, gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc.).


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COMET-P Series

Wall-mounted hair dryers for domestic and public use (hotels, gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc.).


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EP-N Series

Made of steel sheet with a paint coating.
Fitted with a handle to move it.
Quiet axial fan.


EC-N Series

Made of a paint coated steel sheet.
Very quiet axial fan.




Made of steel sheet with a paint coating.
Quiet axial fan.


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ü  IP24.;

ü  Made of steel sheet with a paint coating.

ü  Fitted with a handle to move it.

ü  Quiet axial fan.


VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. The Hitachi VRF Air Conditioning System comprises of different numbers of air handling units which are connected to an external condensing unit. As a result of this, the refrigerant flow can be varied either by using an inverter controlled variable speed compressor or using more than one compressor. It can be used in the buildings in order to save in energy, installation space as well as maintenance cost. The cooling capacity is very high and the overall consumption of power is not very high.

Hitachi production program includes equipment VRF - Air-conditioning system with variable cooling fluid type VRF Hitachi

Hitachi gladly presents new series SET-FREE HITACHI (2 pipe/3 pipe) FSG/FS3, which was developed to meet not only the technological demands of the new millennium, but also environmental requirements of today.

Hitachi is far gone in the development of climate systems that use new refrigerants that do not cause damage to the ozone. The rapid development of technology in the field of climate and enable Hitachi to take the first compressor type "scroll" and high levels of use of the refrigeration cycle is based on the change of heat with high efficiency.

Hitachi made a new batch SET-FREE FSVNE/FSNM/FSN1E/FSN2E/FXNE/FSXN to meet market demands in climate called smart buildings. The series FSXN as Freon refrigerant used R410A/R407C, refrigerant which does not damage the ozone.

New outdoor unit (series FSXN with refrigerant R410A) with a range of 35 models and 7 kinds and modern control systems provide exceptional comfort in air-conditioned rooms regardless of the stringent requirements.

New technology enables use of refrigerant that does not harm the ozone R410A in series FSXN. In order to better protect the environment, determining the Hitachi research and development allow creation of a whole host of technological advancements.

Most quietly technology in the industry

In this series a new type of fans and ventilators with increased dimensions are used. Speed control is modified (PWM control) and special attention is paid to night mode.

Internal units as well as heat exchangers are perfected. System for central management is performed via PC - CS-NET WEB, allowing control of the entire system. The user can adjust the temperature and humidity according to their needs to improve living conditions in the room.

Advantages of VRF system:

  • Handles well low temperatures
  • System with automatic addressing
  • Flexibility in design with increased height and longitudinal extent between internal and external units
  • A small amount of sealing units
  • Saving on the cooling fluid by incorporating the electronic expansion valve
  • A new system of transferring information
  • Control System via CS network (computer monitoring the work of the whole system)



There is wide choice between 7 types and 35 models of indoor units. With the combination of different models of indoor units, improved control and network system delivers sophisticated and comfortable air-conditioned environment.


System Free Indoor Units

RPK - Wall Mounted

  • New elegant design
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation
  • Integrated infra-red receiver for use with infra-red remote controller, or optional hard wired remote control (PC-ARF, PC-ART or PC-ARH)

RPK FSNH3M model also available with Remote expansion valve ensures very low noise – ideal for hotels.

RCIM – 4 way Mini Cassette

Compact 600mm x 600mm design fits standard ceiling module

  • Only 295mm high and weighing just 17kg - easy to install in restricted spaces
  • Built-in condensate drain pump
  • Improved effi ciency and low noise levels.

RCI – Cassette

Standard 900mm x 900mm design

  • Built-in condensate drain pump
  • Super High Stream turbo fan with 3D curved blades for 20% increased efficiency with noise levels as low as 28dB(A)
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation
  • Suitable for installation in areas with very high ceilings – ideal for retail and shopping centers.

High efficiency model (RCI FSN3) also available:

  • New heat exchanger and turbo fan with 3D curved blades for increased efficiency
  • Motion sensor reduces energy consumption and adjusts direction of airflow for high efficiency
  • Built-in condensate drain pump with ionic silver antibacterial pads to prevent mold and bacteria.

RCD – 2 Way Cassette

Extremely quiet thanks to innovative new front panel and small vertical profi le

  • Super High Stream turbo fan with 3D curved blades for 20% increased effi ciency with noise levels as low as 30dB(A)
  • Compact vertical profi le for installation in restricted spaces
  • Suitable for installation in areas with very high ceilings – ideal for retail and shopping centers.

RPC – Ceiling suspended

Compact, modern design complements any interior

  • Unit height only 150mm, particularly suitable for lowered ceilings
  • Drain lines connectable in two alternate locations for easy installation
  • Centrifugal multi-blade fan and outflow deflector with automatic movement creates a powerful and quiet, evenly distributed airflow.

RPIM – Slim duct

  • DC Inverter fan motors deliver up to 70% reduction in energy consumption compared to previous model
  • Very low noise
  • Designed for small spaces with maintenance access through the underside of the unit
  • Easy maintenance, very compact and low noise –ideal for hotels
  • Available with (or without) built-in condensate pump.

RPI – Duct

  • Adjustable static pressure depending on installation requirements
  • Built-in drain pump

RPF – Floor

Space saving design with a depth of 220mm and height of 630mm for easy installation – perfect for below window sills

  • Storage slot for PC-ART remote controller
  • Adjustable direction of airflow.

Floor Mounted Uncased model (RPFI) also available.



  • Set Free Mini
  • Set Free Modular
  • Set Free High Effi ciency Modular


  • Utopia Split Systems
  • Utopia IVX Comfort
  • Utopia IVX Premium
  • Utopia IVX Centrifugal


The compact shape and low weight is the latest design of the external units. These units now require 33% less space for installation over the current arrangement and the weight is about 24% smaller. Easily installed in a limited space, and are small enough to put in the elevator for transport.


Main characteristcs for these external units are:

  • High efficiency;
  • Helical new type of compressor;
  • heat exchanger with high efficiency;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Small size and light weight;
  • Energy savings through improved control system performance;
  • System self-diagnosis;
  • Can join the many indoor units;
  • Simple installation.



Wide range of remote controls

Remote PC-ART (with cable)

Provides a number of features and has a display of liquid crystals. There is an opportunity for self-diagnosis and timer setting 0,5 h.

Remote control PC-ARH (with cable)

Very small size option on / off, setting the desired temperature and fan speed just by simply pressing a button.

* For cooling or heating mode is chosen automatically, the remote control is used together with cable control (PSC-A64S) or CS-NET system to change the operating mode heating / cooling.

Wireless PC-LH3

This remote provides unit climate control, easy and simple in all operating modes.

Central Station PSC-A64S

 This controller allows you to control up to 16 external units (think of 256 indoor units). There is a large screen LCD and can diagnose faults and displayed and solve.


H-LINK II across the entire Hitachi product range means you can use Hitachi System Free controlsfor any mix of products. Connecting H-LINK II to CS Net Web for central control makes the system very fl exible, the installation simpler and keeps install costs down.

CS Net Web

Hitachi’s CS Net Web is a standalone control system that allows users to fully monitor and control their air conditioning from anywhere with web access. Single and multiple sites can be monitored from one central point and the user can ascertain the system performance at all times.CS Net Web can simultaneously control up to 160 indoor units and up to 64 outdoor units connected to the H-LINK communication system.The new Building Layout Editor enables a fully interactive image of the air-conditioned areas and, through CS Net Web, creates a virtual view of each unit in situ so the climate for each room can be controlled centrally (via RCS Web).